Frequently asked questions

Do I need a referral?

No, you do not need a referral from your GP or specialist for any assessments or treatments. During any treatment we can discuss your care with your GP or specialist if you consent to this.

What conditions do you treat?

Conditions treated

  • Post hospital discharge
  • Post surgery rehabilitation e.g. after knee or hip replacements
  • Neurological rehabilitation eg MS, Parkinson’s Disease, Strokes
  • Falls advice and rehabilitation
  • Home assessments regarding equipment
  • Assessments and treatments in residential and nursing homes
  • Advice and completion of general exercise programmes
  • Medicolegal assessments, reports and treatments

How do I book and what are the opening times?

Appointments can be booked by phone or email and we will endeavour to find a convenient time to come and see you. Evening and weekend appointments are available.

What to expect from your appointment?

You will be seen in the privacy of your own home. At the initial visit a comprehensive assessment will be completed and your goals of treatment will be discussed. A contract of care will also be completed.

For the appointment it is a good idea to wear loose fitting clothes and comfortable shoes.

A full assessment of your home environment can be done to look at hazards and requirements for equipment.

If you have any scans or reports from your doctor/specialist these can also be discussed at the time of your appointment.

How much do the sessions cost and how many will I need?

Costs per session can be between £60-85 depending on length of the session and distance you are from the base in Cardiff.

The duration of your treatment is difficult to determine until a full assessment has been completed, but once this has been done I will discuss the duration of treatment with you then.

I am happy to accept you as a client if you are arranging to pay through a third party, however it is your responsibility to check with the third party that there are sufficient funds to pay for any sessions, as you will be liable for any payment they do not make.

Please call to discuss fees and payments.

Do you visit residential and nursing homes?

Yes I can visit you at a residential or nursing home. However, some care homes have their own Physiotherapists so it may be worth checking with your care home first. Also as a courtesy it is best practice to discuss any visit with the care home first to ensure they are happy for me to visit.

Another option is to check with your GP if NHS Physiotherapy may be more suitable, waiting lists can vary but your GP can refer if required.

What is your cancellation policy?

Where possible please provide as much notice as possible if you need to cancel an appointment. Cancellation of appointments less than 24 hours in advance may be charged at half the hourly rate. Cancellation of appointments less than 12 hours in advance may be charged at the full rate.


Celtic Community Physiotherapy can now return to face to face consultations. A telephone triage will be completed prior to all appointments. Face to face appointments will only take place if a virtual appointment, e.g. via WhatsApp or Facebook messenger, cannot take place. All appropriate PPE as recommended by Public Health Wales and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy will be worn. Please call to discuss. I understand that wearing PPE can be a challenge during treatments but please respect the need for these processes and be kind.

Virtual appointments will be charged at £30 per hour.